7 Tips for Preparing a Winning Project Presentation

admin - November 1, 2018 -

How to Make a Winning Presentation

Securing a prospect’s business hinges upon your ability to capture the customer’s attention and convince the decision makers that your firm is the best option for the job. In addition to offering an attractive price, there are seven strategies that you can use to earn a prospect’s business.

1) Keep your pitch informative yet succinct. If you are making a live presentation, try to keep your presentation under 30 minutes to avoid losing your audience’s attention. Make sure your introduction is particularly compelling to capture the prospect’s interest right away.

2) Utilize a multi-media presentation format. Using a combination of text, images, graphs, and videos will help keep your audience engaged in your presentation. Depending upon your industry, you may wish to employ BIM (Building Information Modeling) or visualization techniques to bring your presentation to life.

3) Include references to similar projects completed in the client’s industry. Preparing a robust list of references will help you build credibility and earn the trust of prospects. If possible, list references that are like your prospect in terms of industry and project scope.

4) Cite relevant safety and compliance certifications. Separating your firm from fly-by-night contractors should be a critical part of your presentation. Make sure that prospects know if your organization is OSHA approved or if your employees possess relevant safety certifications.

5) Make sure your quote is comprehensive. Include relevant details such as your contact information, an expiration date, and the estimated amount of time required to complete a proposed project. Reference warranty information and estimated costs of optional services if applicable.

6) State your payment terms. Make sure that prospects are aware of your payment terms and acceptable modes of payment. Clearly outlining any discounts (such as a discount for prepayment) on your quote and in your presentation, may help you win a prospect’s business.

7) Be sure to follow up regularly with the prospect. You can give the best presentation of your career, but failure to follow up with a prospect can derail your hard work. Do not let your prospects get the impression that you have forgotten about them, or you risk losing the opportunity to a competitor.

Preparation is critical when attempting to secure bids from prospective customers. By following the tips above, you can enhance your odds of earning the trust and business of new customers.


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