Avoid $20,000 fines due to non-compliance with lead paint!

Admin - March 14, 2016 -

Unsafe renovations happen, and happen all too often. Our goal, along with the EPA, is to reduce the risk and protect against lead-based claims and settlements and problems that come with unsafe exposure. As it becomes more and more popular to find and renovate older homes, the risk of exposure to lead paint increases. Any project working on a pre-1978 structure requires compliance with RRP regulations to ensure safety to all those that will be exposed. Lead Paint
This is a big deal, enough so to where the EPA recently announced more enforcement actions to help combat this issue. From October 2014 to Sept 2015, 75 settlements were filed (see SunNews article on this). Now, the big take away from this is that, in three of those settlements, the enforcement handed down by the EPA will cost at least $20,000 each to complete. We offer everything you need to avoid these, at a FRACTION of the cost you’d have to pay with fines. So be smart and avoid costly fines by staying safe, educated, and compliant. Basic 1-Job EPA Compliance Kit Standard 3-Job EPA Compliance Kit Deluxe 3-Job EPA Compliance Kit