Don’t forget the small stuff

Admin - March 23, 2016 -

Fatal injuries are certainly a huge cause for concern at your job site – like collapses, falls from roofs, vehicle/equipment accidents, etc – but they aren’t the only concern. Here are some of the safety concerns on a construction job-site that may not generate big news headlines but are just as important to keep workers healthy and safe: Burns Smaller fires and explosions can still lead to burns, its not just the large explosions to be careful of. Make sure to be aware of leaks, dangerous chemicals and any exposed wires on the job site and preferably eliminate them. Mark them appropriately if these hazards cannot be removed from the job site. Broken/crushed bones & loss of limbs Make sure to secure all equipment and prevent large object from falling. This can all lead to broken bones, and worse, loss of limbs, fingers or toes. Trips and falls Many constructions sites have uneven ground covered in obstacles to move around. Ensure all employees are alert and conscious of where they step – mark hazards appropriately. Head injuries Always wear a hard hat. Falling objects, trips and falls, trench collapses, etc can all lead to lacerations, concussions and brain injuries. Spinal Cord injuries Falls can lead to not only death, but also spinal injuries, brain damage, paralysis and lifelong disabilities. Hearing Loss Ensure your employees are always wearing proper ear protection everyday while on the job site.  Prolonged exposure to loud noise levels at the job site can lead to partial or full hearing loss. Stress Injuries Construction work is tough job, often requiring heavy lifting for long periods of time, in a repetitive movement. Make sure to take breaks throughout the day to allow the body to re-coop and protect your back and knees from repetitive stress. Heart related illness/exhaustion Construction work can require long hours, both in hot and cold weather, that can lead to exhaustion that leads to mistakes – which lead to more serious site injuries and accidents. Electrocution Keep an eye out for outed equipment, misuse or improper installation of cords and lack of grounding protection. More importantly, be careful when using cranes around power lines. Everyone involved at Construction sites need to be aware of the injuries and accidents possible. The biggest take away? They’re all preventable. What are you doing to make sure your construction job-sites are injury and accident free? Make sure you have systems in place to train your people and get proper documentation in place. For more ideas on prevention, check out this article here.

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