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Being an Agriculture & Farm Labor Contractor is a rewarding profession, but it comes with unique challenges. We understand that managing a profitable farm labor contracting business is no easy task, but it can quickly become frustrating and overwhelming without the proper training, support, and resources.

Upon joining, we’ll offer you an initial assessment to determine your specific business needs, identify your challenges and opportunities then provide you with a roadmap of classes & workshops to strengthen your business confidence.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level by increasing your business skills and you’re ready to learn how to be prepared for bigger and better projects, we invite you to join our contractor community today.

A membership with American Contractors Organization provides support, guidance and valuable resources including

  • Live/Online classes & workshops
  • Webinars
  • Podcasts
  • Round table discussions
  • Annual Conference
  • Networking opportunities
  • BOLI license New & Renewal applications
  • Business technical assistance
  • Consulting & Business Formation
  • Safety Management & Consulting

Member Benefits

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Business Assessment

We identify needs in business strategy, growth, safety & compliance.

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Technical Assistance

Get support from business formation to growth and access to capital.

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Member Profile Listing

Develop connections and gain visibility to help your business grow.

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Member Mobile App

Get access to all ACO benefits and support from anywhere.

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Manage Documents

Upload safety programs & compliance documents for easy access later.

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Member Forum

Access business insights, forum discussions & community.

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Safety Audit Checklists

Access comprehensive list of audit checklists to help in paperwork.

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Monthly Webinars

Two monthly webinars to discuss important topics for our members.

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Live Classes & Workshops

Get discounted access to live classes, workshops & certified trainings.

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Networking Events

Build new trade relationships at our regular networking events.

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Annual Contractor Conference

Our Annual Conference serves to recognize members and sponsors.

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National Purchasing Partners

Receive discount pricing from participating retailers. Free registration.

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Our Membership Is Your Gateway To Success!

  • 10,000+ Certifications Issued
  • Approved Oregon CCB Education Provider

Agriculture & Farm Labor Membership

As a community-based organization, 5% of your annual dues will be used to promote community growth through the financial support of disadvantaged businesses.

SAVINGS END ON 7/1/2022!!

$199/monthBilled Annually
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    Learning Management Dashboard
  • The LMS Dashboard is a cloud-based system that stores user information and training records
  • Safety & Business Management Courses
  • Training Certificate & License Certification Storage
  • Unlimited Online Training Courses
  • User-Friendly Navigation & Multiple Language Options
  • Competency-Based Quizzes To Ensure Full Understanding
  • Adaptive (ABLE) learning to encourage active participation
  • All courses are conveniently mobile-friendly. Take training in the office or at a remote location
  • Track course assignments and completions
  • Follow up on overdue or missed trainings
  • Easily provide training records for audits and inspections
  • 250+ Courses, each created by industry experts
  • Courses are regularly reviewed to meet changing regulations
  • Total management of your training program on one simple platform
  • Auto-assign courses to be completed by your workers/employees
  • Easily view course completions and track overdue or missed assignments
  • Quickly view employee compliance based on the number of assigned courses
  • Easily setup group training for your workers/employees
  • Schedule future group sessions and add training reminders

  • Safety & Compliance Dashboard

    OSHA Reporting
  • Easily complete the OSHA Form 301, the OSHA 300 Log and the OSHA 300A
  • Much of the information is auto-populated from your company information and your incident reports
  • Quickly identify which information needs to be reported to OSHA and which needs to be retained for your own records
  • Incident Management
  • Easily fill out a report to note the incident details and attach photos or videos to create a complete record
  • Conduct a root case analysis to determine the causal factors of an incident using a fishbone diagram, the 5 Whys, or both
  • Assign Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPAs), including SafetySkills training, to any incident factor
  • Job Hazard Analysis (JHAs)
  • Efficiently Review All Workplace Activities To Understand Where Potential Hazards Exist And Assign Appropriate Controls To Account For Each Hazard
  • Use Your Completed JHA To Guide Training On The Hazards And Controls Relevant To Your Jobsite, With Pre-Loaded Descriptions Created Specifically For Safety Briefings
  • An easy step-by-step process walks you through the full JHA
  • Add custom controls to address your specific processes
  • Utilize pre-populated hazard and control descriptions for consistent messaging
  • Walk through the full JHA Briefing and track employee attendance on any device
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Choose From More Than 700 Training Courses That Are Less Than 20 Minutes Long
  • Each session includes quiz questions that help demonstrate employee knowledge
  • Attendance can count toward employee training within the LMS
  • Safety Audits & Inspections
  • Create customizable templates addressing the specific equipment and situations associated with your worksite and job tasks
  • Assign action items directly from the audit or inspection form if anything is not up to your organization's standard
  • All forms offer the ability to upload photos, process and procedure documents, or other relevant attachments

    Additional Benefits
  • Monthly Members Newsletter
  • Semi-Annual Roundtable Event
  • Quarterly Networking Events
  • Monthly Webinars w/CE Credits
  • Live Classes & Workshop Discounts
  • National Purchasing Partner Discount Program


What Our Members Say

Thank you for your support

"Starting our construction business was stressful. With your constant guidance, we have been better prepared to meet our goals"

“ J. Caudillo “

C&A Pro Construction LLC

Knowledge is Power

"Understand the importance of safety and compliance has helped me to operate my construction business better."

“ J. Caudillo “

W. Prudencio - New Era Painting LLC