Helping you create a safe
workplace environment

Whether your business is large or small, providing a safe and
healthy work environment is not just important for your
business, it’s the law. Even where a safety program is not
required, there are still regulations that outline what you must
do to protect your employees from illness, injury, or even death.

Safety and compliance


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OSHA Recordkeeping Made Easy


Take the Guesswork Out of OSHA Recordkeeping and So Much More is a secure, web-based application that enables employers to create each state’s first report of injury, track injuries, print all required OSHA reports, and view injury metrics in real-time.

Automatically generate PDF versions of documents to print, share, or email. Because the data comes from one data source, you’ll eliminate mistakes between the forms. Have an injury? Fill out one simple online form on any device in less than 4 minutes. No dual, triple or quadruple entry is necessary.

All Reports created, including your State’s first report of injury. Works with all devices: computers, tablets, and smartphones. Once data is entered and intuitively updated on all other forms, OSHALogs will automatically generate benchmark figures with no additional input by location and log.


Create All OSHA Forms With No Duplicate Entry


OSHA Form 301

Instantly Generate OSHA's Form 301

Within 7 calendar days after you receive information that a recordable work-related injury or illness has occurred, you must fill out the OSHA Form 301

OSHA Form 300

Update the OSHA 300 Form Automatically

The Log of work-related injuries and illnesses is used to classify work-related injuries and illnesses and to note the extent and severity of each case

OSHA Form 300A

Easily Produce an OSHA 300A Summary

At the end of the year, post the summary in a visible location to make employees aware of the injuries and illnesses occurring in their workplace.


Need to Make a Change? It's Easy to Update!

Make a change to one form, and all the other forms are updated instantly.


Unlimited Connections

Auto-Update Across
All Forms

Unlimited Connections

Reduce Mistakes Due to
Manual Entry

Be Prepared, Save Time, and Analyze Your Data With Instant Metrics

The days of paper logs and filing drawers of incident reports (OSHA Form 301), workplace injury logs (OSHA 300 Form), and hours spent transferring information from log records to summary forms (OSHA Form 300A) are ways of the past.

OSHALogs harnesses modern digital technology to save you time, keep you informed on the go, and provide you with instant metrics about to identify safety patterns and concerns, allowing you to make the necessary corrections and run a safer and more efficient business.

Receive instant notifications when an incident occurs and is reported through the app. This will allow you to reduce workers comp related costs and address safety concerns quickly by eliminating communication lag.



Reveal Injury Trends and Patterns with Instant Metrics


  • Incident Rate
  • DART Rate
  • Lost Time Case Rate
  • Severity Rate
  • Body Parts Affected
  • Nature of Injury
  • Source of Injury


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Our Partnership with OSHALogs

American Contractors Organization has partnered with OSHALogs as part of our commitment to provide our members with the best tools available for their business development, and to help our members grow by operating a safer and more efficient business.

Contact our membership support team for more information about how we can help you.

Safety Meetings Simplified.

Simplify Workplace Safety Training by Implementing a Turnkey, Set-It and Forget-It Content Engine. Full of Engaging Safety Training Content That Is Sent Directly to Employees. Add engagement quizzes as optional training reinforcement.



  • Pick From a Huge Library of Topics
  • Target Specific Safety Concerns
  • Decide When Employees Receive Training
  • Verify Engagement with Quiz
  • Safety Concern Reporting Feature
  • Easy to Maintain Employees List

Are You Overwhelmed With State And Federal Osha Regulations?

Compliance with OSHA construction safety standards can feel overwhelming. The team of safety professionals can help by conducting an audit of your job site to identify situations likely to draw attention from inspectors and can help you develop written safety standards, policies, procedures, for your safety program to comply with requirements.

Safety Programs and Site-Specific Plans

Whether you need a new safety program or just an update of your current plan a safety professional will work with you to draft a specialized set of standards, policies, and procedures based upon OSHA standards. We work with you to identify your safety program needs.

OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance

Our qualified safety professionals can provide a comprehensive on-site inspection to identify possible hazards, OSHA Violations, maintain ongoing compliance, improve safety operations, correct or abate hazards, review your training and safety programs. After the inspection, we’ll provide a summary evaluation report including Photos and detailed instructions on how to correct identified hazards. This service is only available in CA, NV, AZ & UT

OSHA Recordkeeping and Documentation

We can help your company comply with the many statutory record-keeping requirements identified by OSHA and state regulators. We provide free updates to help keep your safety program current.