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Women In Construction

Women in Construction Week is celebrated every year in the first week of March. It’s a period dedicated to spotlighting the outstanding efforts and achievements of women in the construction sector.

How Contractors Can Navigate Lead Regulations In Pre-1978 Homes

Worker working on site

Nearly 38 million homes in the U.S. contain lead-based paint, presenting a significant risk in the renovation of pre-1978 properties. Understanding and managing these risks is crucial for safe and compliant home renovations . Why is Lead a Health Concern? Lead exposure  poses a significant risk to various body systems, and its impact is especially severe […]

CPR Skills For Safety On Construction Sites

First aid cpr training

In today’s workplace, the ability to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is an essential safety skill. With the potential for medical emergencies such as sudden cardiac arrests, having employees trained in CPR can make a significant difference. Workplaces must emphasize the importance of these skills by being well-equipped and ready to respond, creating a safe and […]

Integrating First Aid Skills Into Construction Safety Practices

A person giving First aid to the patient

The construction industry is known for its constant hazards and potential risks. Being aware and prepared to handle these situations is not just a matter of following rules but protecting lives. Learning first aid is crucial on construction sites. It goes beyond compliance with safety regulations, highlighting the importance of immediate and effective response. A […]

Winter Safety For Construction Workers

During winter, construction workers must prioritize safety due to slippery conditions and cold weather. Awareness of cold-related health risks is vital. Regular warm-up breaks, effective lighting, and ice-treated surfaces are essential. Ensuring machinery is prepared for winter conditions is also crucial. Proper training and adherence to safety protocols can greatly reduce winter-related risks on construction […]

Rising Storm: Workplace Fatalities Soar By 5.7% In 2022, Unveiling Startling Realities

Worker injured leg on construction site

In workplaces across the United States, a disconcerting trend is unfolding and it demands urgent attention and action. The rise in workplace fatalities has raised serious concerns about the safety of American workers in recent years. High Risk Occupations In 2022, a total of 5,486 fatal work injuries were reported, marking a 5.7% uptick from the previous year’s figure of 5,190, […]

Plan, Provide And Train For Fall Safety

Workers working on construction site

The danger of falls from heights, such as ladders or scaffolds, is a critical concern in the construction sector. OSHA’s data highlights falls as the primary cause of fatalities in the construction industry. The year 2016 saw 991 construction-related deaths, with 370 due to falls. Often, these incidents are linked to inadequate use of or […]