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EPA-RRP Initial Certification

Class Available in English or Spanish Instructor: Cecilia De La Rosa

8:30 am to 5:00 pm

EPA Accredited Training Provider

EPA Requirements

This Lead Renovator RRP Initial Certification course is 8 hours in length and includes approved lead safety training and the required certification exam.

This RRP training is offered in both English and Spanish.

Any contractor performing qualifying renovation, repair, or painting (RRP) work on pre-1978 homes or child-occupied facilities must employ at least one Certified Renovator who has successfully completed this training.

Companies must also submit an application to register as a Lead Safe Certified Firm with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the EPA-Authorized State in which RRP work will be performed.

This course is approved for purposes of certification under Section 402 of TSCA and/or EPA-Authorized State lead regulations for Lead-safe Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) work.

More about the RRP Training and Lead Paint Regulations

Effective April 22, 2010, anyone who performs renovations, repairs, or painting in pre-1978 housing or child-occupied facilities must comply with the Lead RRP Rule. Individuals and firms that are not certified could face fines of up to $38,892 per day.

The Lead-Safe RRP rule applies if your project disturbs:

  • More than 6 square feet of interior painted surface AND/OR
  • More than 20 square feet of exterior painted surface

How Do I Get RRP Lead-safe Certified?

  • Register and successfully complete this 8-hour lead certification course.
  • Submit an application to EPA or EPA-Authorized state on behalf of your company (even if you’re a sole proprietor). See below for details.
  • Receive your certificate from class and your firm certificate, finalize any additional paperwork required by your state, and you are ready to get to work!

This course is provided by an accredited trainer who is approved by the EPA and/or EPA-Authorized lead program in compliance with all regulations in the state in which the course is being held.  It will satisfy the 8-hour training requirement for individuals to attain certification in Lead Paint Safety for Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP). Individuals who attend the course, participate fully in the hands-on activities, and pass the certification exam will receive a Certified Renovator certificate.

Firm Certification

Firms, including sole-proprietors, landlords, etc. must submit an application stating that they will be utilizing a Certified Renovator to perform lead-safe work. Your training provider will discuss all registration requirements during class and will provide the necessary forms when applicable.

To perform RRP work in an EPA-Authorized State (AL, DE, GA, IA, KS, MA, MS, NC, OK, OR, RI, UT, WA or WI): Firm registration must be processed directly with the applicable state lead program(s).

To work in all other states: Firm registration must be processed with the EPA via an online application. The EPA Lead-Safe Firm fee is $300, and it is valid for 5 years.

Class Syllabus:

Course Registration and Introduction

Module 1: Why Should I be Concerned About Lead Paint? w/Activity
Module 2: Regulations
Module 3: Before Beginning Work w/Activity
Module 4: Contain Dust During Work w/Activity
Module 5: During The Work w/Activity
BREAK and Student Pictures
Module 6: Cleaning Activities and Checking Your Work w/Activity
Module 7: Record keeping
Module 8: Training Non-Certified Renovation Workers Review
Test & Course Evaluation