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How Safety Equipment Benefits Your Construction Business

January 19, 2018

Cecilia De La Rosa

Cecilia De La Rosa

Contractor Safety Tips Working in the contracting business comes with risks and challenges. According to the United States Department of Labor approximately 4,379 workers were fatally injured in the line of work in 2015. Of that number 21.4 % were in the construction industry. Several thousand more suffer nonfatal injuries every year. Even with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, accidents still occur when extra safety measures are not in place. Those who manage construction crews benefit when they implement tighter safety controls. Here are 3 of the ways construction businesses win with investing in safety equipment.

Workers wearing safety suit on site

Saves money Although you may need to invest a little bit up front on safety measures, you save more in the end. When employees miss work because of injuries, your business suffers loss. You can’t accomplish all the work you could when employees are out. Finding temporary employees to fill the gap may cost more in not just money but time to train as well. However, with proper safety measures and training in place, you reduce the number of workplace injuries.

Boosts employee morale When employees work in an environment that is safe, it makes them feel valued. In an atmosphere where workers feel that the owner is watching out for them and going out of the way to ensure their protection, employees perform better. If they don’t have the equipment they need to feel protected, then their productivity may diminish. Provide for your employee’s safety and watch morale increase. 

Enhances your brand image If you are in the middle of a contract and someone becomes injured, it makes it difficult to complete the work on time. This can negatively affect your customer service image. Companies may think that your company is not reliable if you cannot deliver as expected. When you implement stronger safety measures, you will have fewer injuries and the workplace gains a more trustworthy brand image.

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