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1-Job EPA-RRP Lead Paint Compliance & Record Keeping Kit

The Kit will assist you in staying EPA compliant & organized while projecting a professional image of your contracting business.


This Documentation Kit is crafted to ensure your RRP contracting endeavors meet and exceed EPA compliance.

This Documentation Kit was created to help you streamline the important compliance requirements. This is your go-to solution for maintaining an organized and compliant project.

With the simplicity and completeness of our Documentation Kit, certified renovators can effortlessly fulfill necessary documentation requirements.

Enjoy the confidence of knowing your record keeping will be compliant, allowing you to project a professional image while saving you time and headaches trying to figure out what forms apply to your project.

Why Does This Kit Matter?

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) rule (40 CFR Part 745) requires renovators to keep comprehensive records of their work practices on each job performed and maintain those records for three years.
You must provide a copy of the records to your customer within 30 days of completion of the project or with the final invoice, whichever comes first.

Product Features

Streamlined Record Keeping

The envelope system was designed to help you record, track, and store your documents.

Comprehensive Form Set

These are simple, easy-to-complete forms “check the box” and “fill in the line” so no required information is missed.

Easy-to-follow Instructions

Each form covers all contingencies a certified renovator may encounter, as well as easy-to-follow instructions printed on the back of each form.

All Inclusive

Each kit includes a record-keeping envelope that contains a complete set of forms for your project. They are printed on NCR Paper, so there’s no need for photocopying.

What’s Included?

This all-encompassing kit provides everything you need to streamline your adherence to the EPA’s RRP rule with utmost efficiency. Designed with your convenience in mind, this kit reduces paperwork burdens and guarantees that you’re prepared for any regulatory scrutiny.


Alert occupants & visitors to stay away during renovation work to ensure safety compliance.

"Renovate Right"

A must-have for educating property owners & tenants about the potential risks of Lead Paint and the safety measures being taken.


Each form is specially designed to meet the unique demands of the RRP rule, facilitating a smooth, and compliant renovation process.

EPA/RRP Certification & Lead Safety
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