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Lead Test Documentation Report – 10 ct. pad


For documenting all required meetings to discuss safety, techniques, challenges, and your compliance with laws or regulations.
This a Pad of 10. 2-Part secure form.

Download D-Lead paint test kit instructions

This form is used when you as the Certified Renovator tests for lead in a property. On the form you list the details of the property, the type of lead testing you did, the location of where the lead testing was conducted, and the results. The EPA requires that you give a copy of the form to the Property Owner after the testing is complete.

Anytime you test for Lead you need to document the following:

• Location of the Property Tested
• Owner of the Property
• Components you Tested for Lead
• Type of Testing you used
• Batch or Serial number of the Test
• Test Results

A copy of these test results must be kept at the job site during renovation and then a copy of the Test results must be provided to the property owner within “30 days” from the completion of the project. You will also want to keep a copy of these results in the Job Compliance Envelope.