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5 Ways To Reassure Workers About Their Jobs

5 Ways to Reassure Workers about Their Jobs

Workers discussion on their jobs

What should employers do if workers are scared of losing their jobs? Whether it’s because of insecurities due to the effects of the pandemic, current economic volatility, or personal concerns about their work performance, lots of workers may be concerned about losing their jobs. This concern can affect their performance, which can directly affect the company’s profitability. It can further lead to the loss of company loyalty and job satisfaction.

Here’s five ways you can reassure workers that their jobs are safe:

1. Give five positive feedback

Let workers know when they’re doing a good job on a regular basis. Everyone likes to get kudos and it helps with employee morale. It doesn’t have to be a financial incentive. Kind words or recognition during a company meeting go a long way.

2. Listen to their fears

Provide a place and time for employees to voice their concerns about their jobs or the future of the company. This could be in one-on-one meetings or as a group. Provide honest answers when you can.

3. Invest in their development

Send workers to classes and seminars to expand their skills and knowledge. This lets them know they are a valued part of the team and that you want them to succeed and grow.

4. Challenge their skills

Assign them to projects or tasks that will stretch their skill set, then trust them to succeed.

5. Be upfront about the success of the business

Many business owners have trouble with this, as they don’t want their employees to know the financial details of the company. However, you can share generally about how the company is doing, reassuring employees that there is plenty of work. Often just talking about upcoming projects will let them know that their job is secure. Conversely though, you need to be upfront when things aren’t looking good. Honesty is the best policy and will maintain your employees’ respect.

By being open and honest with your employees about the future of your company, you build trust and help allay their fears. Employees that trust management has their back will show increased productivity, better morale, improved job satisfaction, and they will be more loyal to the company.

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