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3 Mistakes Contractors Make With Video Marketing

Effective contractor marketing videos should be concise, around 1-2 minutes, and include customer testimonials to boost credibility. Avoid common pitfalls like neglecting video promotion across platforms like social media and YouTube, and creating overly long content that fails to engage busy viewers.


RRP Insurance

Clear Choice Insurance, specializing in environmental and contractor insurance, emphasizes the necessity of understanding and obtaining pollution insurance under the EPA RRP law for contractors working on pre-1978 homes. They advise ensuring lead coverage is included, as it’s crucial for legal and financial protection against lead-related claims, typically not covered by General Liability Policies.

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ACO Online & Live Classes

American Contractors Organization provides flexible continuing education options for Oregon contractors with both live and online classes, reporting completions daily to CCB. Visit our website for 24/7 online courses or explore our live class schedule in Tigard, OR, offering various programs in English and Spanish.

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The Marketing Phone Call

Read how 80% of leads don’t close on the first attempt, advocating for at least two calls to enhance closure rates and how follow-up calls typically last under two minutes, significantly boosting job success and return on investment.