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Turning the Tide Against Heat Hazards in the Workplace

Construction heat safety is vital due to the risk of workplace fatalities and severe OSHA penalties for non-compliance. Employers must implement comprehensive heat safety programs, including worker acclimatization, hydration, and monitoring for heat stress, to ensure a safe working environment and avoid legal repercussions.

Preventing Falls, Saving Lives: The Power of the Safety Stand-Down

The National Safety Stand-Down addresses fall-related hazards, the leading cause of construction fatalities, and helps companies avoid severe OSHA penalties. By participating, firms can enhance fall prevention practices, such as using guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, and conducting regular safety training to ensure a safe and compliant work environment.

Machine Mastery: Ensuring Operational Safety Through Certification

Heavy machinery in construction boosts efficiency but comes with significant risks if operated by uncertified individuals. OSHA regulations mandate operator certification to prevent accidents and fatalities, making proper training essential for workplace safety and compliance.

ACO Online & Live Classes

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American Contractors Organization provides flexible continuing education options for Oregon contractors with both live and online classes, reporting completions daily to CCB. Visit our website for 24/7 online courses or explore our live class schedule in Tigard, OR, offering various programs in English and Spanish.