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Do You Need A Chief Happiness Officer?

Do You Need a Chief Happiness Officer?

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Happy employees are better, more productive employees. While we may all believe this to be true anecdotally, recent studies have shown that it is scientifically true as well. In an iOpener Institute study, happy employees were 65% more energetic, twice as productive, and more likely to sustain their jobs over time. Another study at the University of Warwick in the UK showed that happy employees were 12% more productive than unhappy ones.

Now that you know the science, should your company hire a Chief Happiness Officer to ensure that everyone maintains this productivity? Well, Google decided to do just that in 2014, and they’ve been followed by SAP, Amazon, and Airbnb. While most companies can’t afford to hire someone just to focus on employee happiness, there are some things that employers and employees can do to encourage a better mood for all.

1. Declutter

Clutter and other messes distract workers, leading to lower productivity.

2. Mindfulness

The practice of mindfulness, which is just paying attention to what you’re doing in the present moment, leads to greater fulfillment.

3. Work out

Exercise creates endorphins which help improve mood.

4. Provide feedback

Workers like to know how they’re doing in their job and providing regular feedback allows them to adjust their performance as necessary.

5. Perform one task at a time

Everyone looks up to people who can multitask, but the truth is our brains are only wired to pay attention to one task at a time.

6. Help colleagues

Helping others is a great way to boost your mood.

7. Choose responses

Choosing mindfulness, gratitude, and effective communication in daily interactions can make a big difference in everyone’s mood.

8. Value yourself

Work stress often makes us forget our real worth. Reminding yourself of your value, including remembering past achievements, can bring back happiness.

9. Start each day on a good note

Start the day with something positive, whether it’s an inspirational daily reading or meditation, or even a funny joke.

10. Keep a flexible schedule with breaks

Working for long hours with no breaks can lead to burnout and depression.

For more about the link between happiness and productivity, see this article on Positive Psychology.

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