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How To Get More Home Remodeling Clients And Make The Process Easier

January 23, 2020

Cecilia De La Rosa

Cecilia De La Rosa

Contractors Discussing the house project

For many contractors, technology is making your business more efficient and profitable. The future is no longer something to look forward to. It’s here now and it’s not going away. Unfortunately, there is another side to technology that makes you vulnerable and for many contractors it’s overlooked until it’s too late – cybersecurity. Contractors are using technology for payroll, 3D modeling, and payroll – among many other uses. Your companies’ network, computers, devices, and tools are probably all connected to a network. You may have dozens or even hundreds of things connected to a network sharing valuable information at any one moment that a cyber thief would love to get their hands on.

Contractors Discussing the house project

Be Ready, Accessible, and Friendly

In any remodeling project, selecting the contractor is the most important part of a successful experience. Your number one job is to build trust, establish rapport, and figure out how your client wants you to communicate with them. Many people have no idea what the process is or take the time to research it. In other instances, prospective clients will take the time to interview you, your previous clients, and gather information on other contractors as well. This is your time to shine! When talking on the phone, be fun and express your excitement for them. Ask basic questions, make a lot of notes, and let your prospect do most of the talking. Doing so tells them you care about them and your work. When meeting for the first time, be on time and have all your paperwork with you to include your business card, licensing and insurance documentation, notes from your first phone call, and any pertinent information from research you’ve done to show them you are serious about their project. Be prepared to listen, ask questions, and receive feedback. This gives your prospect and yourself and opportunity to learn about one another as well as additional details about the project. Most contractors will not take the time to organize themselves. If you do, you will come off as professional, considerate of their time and wishes, and prepared.

Prepare a Clear, Detailed, and Complete Contract

A clearly complete written and complete contract will instill trust and play an important role in the relationship between you and your client. Some contractors believe that a watertight contract will assure a smooth process. Not necessarily. However, the more specific the details there are about the project in the contract, the better it will be for both you and the client. Details in written agreements are far less likely to create misunderstandings. Each contract should include:

  • The exact amount and schedule for payments.
  • That the contractor is responsible for getting all of the required permits.
  • Include realistic timeframes, plan for delays, and include what days or holidays you will not be working.
  • Include a provision for arbitration if in the event a disagreement occurs that cannot be resolved by both parties.

This can assure you and your client of a prompt and fair resolution without a large expense or unfortunate litigation.
As a remodeling contractor, you have a special role in fulfilling someone’s vision or dream for their home. By being ready, friendly, organized, and prepared you can outshine your competition.

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