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How To Use QR Codes In Your Marketing

How to Use QR Codes in Your Marketing

Showing QR code in phone screen

QR codes, or quick response codes, are square bar code designs that can be used to direct users to a webpage, video, document, or phone function. Users access the content by scanning the code with their smartphone or tablet camera.

To use a QR code, customers simply point their phone camera at the code and the webpage or phone function will open automatically. Some phones may require a QR code reader app, which can be downloaded for free from an app store.

Codes can be connected to a variety of sites and functions:

  • Webpage or landing page 
  • Social media profile 
  • Video 
  • Email 
  • Files
  • Apps
  • Add phone contact

Here are some ideas for using QR codes in your marketing efforts:

  • Use on print or digital advertisements to take users to a specific webpage or landing page for a special offer.
  • Use to automatically create a phone contact and add your contact information to someone’s phone with a virtual, or printed, business card.
  • Link to your business’ website or 

Business Listing

Invite people to follow you on social media, then provide a code to link to your profile.

QR codes can be a strong tool in your marketing toolbelt. You can quickly take potential customers to just the right location to get their questions answered without having to create a long URL or provide instructions. And since they are free to create, you can use them in all your marketing campaigns and assets.

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