Lead Work Area Warning Signs – 10-ct. package


These are the Warning Signs you need to put around your work area when doing Renovation Work on projects that tests positive for lead paint. They are “Heavy Stock” signs that will hold up both inside and out.


The proper use of Warning Signs is essential to keeping Lead Dust in your containment and un-authorized people out of your containment.

Interior Containment: Place warning signs on the outside of each point of entry into the containment. Even if you have sealed off a doorway a Warning Sign should be posted on the outside.

Exterior Containment: Warning signs should be used in conjunction with Caution Tape to keep people away from the worksite. Additional Warning signs may be needed on exterior jobs where there may be multiple entry points into the Containment.

At the end of the job you need to record where the signs were posted, and either keep the signs in your Job Compliance envelope or take photos of the posted signs and store in your Job Compliance Envelope.