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OSHA Competent Person Fall Protection – Spanish


Instructor: Certified Instructors

Time: 8:30 am to 2:30 pm

Location: 11000 SW Barbur Blvd., Ste #100, Portland, OR 97219

Fulfill OSHA’s fall protection requirements with our 6-hour course, designed for construction and commercial contractors. Guided by a certified instructor, you’ll learn essential safety protocols and compliance strategies to align with OSHA standards.

  • Professional Growth: Approved for 6 CE Credits with Oregon CCB
  • Included: Complimentary snacks and beverages.


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OSHA Competent Person Fall Protection

 OSHA Competent Person Fall Protection is a 6hr live class for Residential and Commercial Contractors.

You will gain a better understanding of the Laws and Standards related to becoming a Competent Person. During class you will also learn about competent person responsibilities and training requirements such as recognizing falling hazards, using ladders, fall protection for rooftop work, fall protection for scaffolding, fall protection when using personnel lifts, system components, and managing risks.Federal and State OSHA regulations require employers to provide training for all employees exposed to fall hazards. Federal and State OSHA regulations also require employers to provide a “competent person” on the jobsite whenever employees are exposed to fall hazards and a system is to be utilized to mitigate the hazards. As a key employee you gain the educational component to assist your employer in determining whether or not you meet the requirements, have the knowledge, and experience to be deemed as a “competent person”.

By OSHA Standards, Who is a Competent Person?

OSHA defines a Competent Person as someone who is a designated person with sufficient experience and/or knowledge to recognize fall hazards, correct unsafe conditions, and who has the authority to shut down the work-site until any hazards are corrected. The competent person should be the most knowledgeable person, in this case about fall protection, on the job site.OSHA requires all Contractors to have a written Fall Protection Plan in place. This training will explain the importance of having a written Fall Protection Plan for your company, and you will learn how to be compliant with the OSHA 29 CFR 1926 and OAR 437-003 regulations.