Subcontractor Compliance Verification – 10 ct. pad


A workable form to provide to Subcontractors regarding RRP requirements.


Do you hire Sub-Contractors? If they work for you on a Lead Paint job they need to be EPA certified, train their non-certified workers in the 11 steps of Lead Paint Safety, & have the right insurance. This form helps you communicate these requirements to the Subscontractors working for you.

As the General you are required to verify the EPA Certification of each sub-contractor that will be working on the job.

The RRP rule applies to any trade performing work that disturbs the minimum area of lead-painted surfaces. This means that not only must your business and at least one of your on-site workers be RRP certified to work in pre-1978 homes, but also any other trades you sub out Including electricians, plumbers & HVAC contractors. Require your Subs to provide you with copies of their renovator certifications. Here are some points to also consider:

1. Your contracts should include an indemnification clause making the subcontractor liable for his part of the work that requires lead-containment procedures.
2. Clearly spell out the subcontractors’ scope of work, including all lead containment procedures.
3. Make final payment contingent upon the Sub-contractors’ completion of all documentation required by the EPA.
4. Subcontractor’s workers must be trained in lead safe practices as required by the RRP Rule
5. Request subs carry Pollution Liability Insurance to cover related claims caused by the Sub-contractor.

When using Sub-contractors on a Lead Paint job site you cannot be too careful. Like with any other work you have them do make sure everything is in writing.