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The Number 1 Most Frequent Safety Violation Of 2015

March 16, 2016

Cecilia De La Rosa

Cecilia De La Rosa

Last year, a staggering 7,400+ safety violations were related to Fall Protection. According to OSHA, Fall Protection general requirements outline where fall protection is required, which systems are appropriate for given situations, the proper construction and installation of safety systems, and the proper supervision of employees to prevent falls. It is designed to protect employees on walking working surfaces (horizontal or vertical) with an unprotected side or edge above 6ft.

BFall Protection elow is the list of the top 5 sections cited for this violation:

  1. Residential construction – 4,079 violations 
  2. Unprotected sides and edges – 1,385 violations 
  3. Roofing work on low-slope roofs – 718 violations
  4. Steeps roofs – 542 violations
  5. Protection from falling through holes – 151 

violations Under OSHA’s New Standard:

You must have a Fall Protection Program that includes measures compatible with the type of work being performed, be able to identify and evaluate fall hazards. So how do you stay compliant and prevent these violations from occurring at your work site?

View the full report on the Top 10 violations for 2015 in the December edition of the Council’s Safety+Health magazine.

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