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Why Small Contractors Need Project Management Software

Why Small Contractors Need Project Management Software

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As a small contractor it’s important to keep costs low. This usually means that you end up working long, unpaid hours to keep your projects on schedule and on budget. You may rely on printed documents and handwritten notes to communicate with your customers and workers. Relying on outdated paperwork and software can lead to errors that significantly impact even the smallest business.

An all-in-one project management software can help you keep your projects in line, so you always know where your business stands.

Better than a spreadsheet

Many small contractors rely on outdated software, like spreadsheets, for much of their work. Spreadsheets can be used to track expenses, estimates, schedules, and time sheet records. Unfortunately, in order to manipulate the data, you must have advanced skills or export the numbers into another software. An all-in-one solution keeps all your records in one place and allows you to get just the information you need without a bunch of importing and exporting.

Billings and contracts

Tracking contract amounts, customer billings, and payments can get confusing, especially when there are multiple change orders or invoice revisions. Storing all this information in one solution makes it easy to know exactly where you stand on each contract.


Schedules made using a spreadsheet are cumbersome and can be difficult to change. A scheduling solution connects tasks so that a change in one automatically updates those that follow. You can also track your workers and manpower needs, making weekly job assignments a breeze.

Track changes

Changes occur on almost every project, but they can be difficult to track. Integrated change order tracking ensures that once a change is made, the information automatically flows to the project contract, subcontracts, billings, and payments.

Time tracking

It’s important to keep accurate records of employees’ time for billing and tax purposes. Instead of collecting paper time cards and manually entering them, records can be sent automatically to your payroll processor. This reduces processing time and improves data accuracy.

Even the smallest contractors can benefit from an all-in-one project management software. And, as a member of American Contractor’s Organization, you receive an exclusive discount on Projul. It’s specifically designed for small to medium sized remodelers, renovators, and contractors. Contact us for more information.

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