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10 Traits And Skills Essential For GreatSalespeople

10 Traits and Skills Essential for Great Salespeople

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Think great salespeople are born and not made? The truth is more a combination of the two. According to Dr. Christopher Croner, principal at Sales Drive, psychologist, and sales retention and recruitment expert, there are traits to look for when hiring a salesperson, as well as skills that can be taught once the person is hired.

5 traits to look for in a salesperson

1. Achievement
A high need for achievement provides salespeople with the motivation they need to succeed.

2. Competitiveness
Competitiveness keeps salespeople going in spite of rejection. The more competitive they are, they will persevere longer than others.

3. Optimism
Salespeople need high levels of optimism to withstand all the “no’s” they receive. Optimism helps them maintain perseverance.

4. Resiliency
Salespeople need to be able to bounce back from rejection and learn from their mistakes. This continual growth will lead to more success in the future.

5. Curiosity
Curious salespeople want to learn more about their customers’ problems and the solutions your company provides.

5 skills to teach your salespeople

6. Confidence
Salespeople need confidence to express their opinions and concerns despite possible rejection. By portraying confidence with their customers, they are seen as a trusted advisor.

7. Persuasiveness
Persuasive salespeople love the process of selling and negotiating. They are able to find common ground with their customers, leading to more sales.

8. Relationship skills
Salespeople should know how to read a room, when to take charge, and how to ask intelligent questions.

9. Organization
Good salespeople incorporate organizational structures into their daily work life, so they don’t lose potential sales opportunities.

10. Problem solving
You can’t train salespeople for every situation that may occur. The ability to come up with on-the-spot solutions for customers leads to added sales.

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