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6 Ways To Lower Your EMR

6 Ways To Lower Your EMR

Workers are on mission

A lower experience modification rate (EMR) can help reduce your insurance premiums, attract top talent, get you a better rate on bank loans, and help win contracts. If your current rate is above 1.0, here are some things you can do lower it.

1. Create a culture of safety

Foster a culture of safety by training all your employees about how to work safely. Appoint dedicated on-site safety leaders to be your eyes and ears. Authorize workers to spend money on equipment to protect workers while they are doing their job.

2. Build a safety program

Create a company-wide proactive health and safety program and train everyone on how to work safely and smartly using the program. Using the comprehensive plan, create site specific plans for your jobs and train workers accordingly.

3. Document safety efforts

If you’re still using paper and pen to document inspections, checklists, and incident reports, it’s time to digitize those reports. With digital information you can quickly collect and share it with anyone who asks, saving you time searching for lost paperwork.

4. Measure performance

For your team, decide what success means and how to measure it. Compare your reports over time to see where you are succeeding and where you need more work. Share your progress with everyone in the company to show your continued commitment to safety.

5. Investigate

Determine the root causes of near misses and safety incidents. Dig deep to find what is truly causing the problem. Once you know what is causing the hazard, determine what you can do to ensure worker safety in the future and act on it.

6. Communicate

Maintain an open dialogue with your employees and really listen to what workers are saying. Offer employees continuous training and freely discuss incidents and near misses with team members. Workers should be able to discuss their viewpoints without fear of repercussions.

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