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Fighting Ransomware: What Construction Businesses Need To Know

Fighting Ransomware: What Construction Businesses Need to Know


The construction industry has been targeted almost twice as much as other industries when it comes to ransomware. A ransomware attack can bring a business to its knees and cost a lot of money. Here’s what construction businesses need to know to help prevent a ransomware attack.

What is ransomware?

A ransomware attack encrypts all the files on a computer, server, or network, making them unusable. The attacker requests money in exchange for the decryption code that will allow the company to access their data again. The attacker may also threaten to sell or leak the information if they are not paid.

How to prevent a ransomware attack

The best defense against a ransomware attack is to educate your employees on how to recognize phishing emails. Data says that 85% of data breaches were caused by human actions, such as clicking on attachments or links. Although these types of actions can’t be eliminated completely, they can be reduced by training employees to recognize the signs of illegitimate email. The plan should include training on identifying phishing emails and regular testing by sending safe emails that look suspicious.

The next step is to implement strong malware protections on all computers and servers in your business. These protections should monitor email and website visits, preventing downloading or clicking on links that are suspicious. It should also include a strong firewall to prevent external attacks. Another good tip is to keep all software fully updated, especially as new viruses and malware are discovered.

If a piece of ransomware does make it through your protections, you should create a disaster recovery plan. The plan should include backing up all data to the cloud and authorizing selective file restoration. You may also want to create a temporary clean network that can be used when the original network is compromised.

Education is the best defense against a ransomware attack. Make sure your employees know what suspicious emails look like and don’t act on them.

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